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safe1971220 artist:jedayskayvoker1007 artist:redchetgreen398 oc836372 oc only614456 bat pony64116 pony1322904 armor27643 butt178849 collaboration6294 dock61925 featured image1065 featureless crotch8063 female1602860 forest12809 guard1567 guardsmare1589 hanging2051 helmet13559 high res86668 looking at you216990 mare618094 mare in the moon1980 moon28034 night32869 night guard2078 plot115047 royal guard9543 slit pupils6230 smiling331080 smiling at you14117 solo1268145 suspended3502 tail66230 tail hold537 tree41422 tree branch1319 upside down6595


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Celestia: “…Did my sister get out of the moon and not one of you reported it?”  
Batpone: “We’re sorry princess.”  
Celestia: “And did you try drawing on the moon with crayon to cover it up?”  
Batpone looks at other Batpone.  
Other Batpone: “What I thought she’d buy it.”
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Cute Batpone: Hi, Your Majesty:  
Princess Celestia: Guardspony, what are you doing?  
Cute Batpone: Oh, you know, just hangin’ around.  
Other Cute Batpone: Boooooo!
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Русскоговорящий Понь :D
Либо шлем упадет, либо законы физики в Эквестрии работают по другому :D
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Given the presence of the Mare in the Moon, does this mean that Celestia really was maintaining Luna’s Night Guard this whole time? I wonder how many years of stigmatization the bat ponies suffered after Nightmare Moon’s banishment.
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