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safe1615440 artist:bobthedalek889 firelight386 pony883251 absurd resolution64293 baby9893 baby pony6198 bags under eyes1827 bathrobe1332 bed mane694 clothes425884 cradle39 ear plugs237 father and daughter2359 female1285957 implied starlight glimmer392 male343753 robe3331 sleeping22225 snorelight glimmer12 snoring632 that pony sure does love kites254 tired2929 younger15966 zzz2278


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Needs more Starburst
Yeah, I fully understand Firelight’s plight here. My son snores so loudly for example you can hear him anywhere in the house, through a closed door… through the walls! He’s been like that since he was five months old, so on a personal note this picture was in hindsight a vision of my future.

So, the little Pumpky Wumpkin sounds like a monster truck with a trashed muffler. Bet she could be a wicked background noise for a death metal band. And if it doesn't work out, even death metal bands need cuddles.