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Poor Thunderlane has had it rough. First, his mother died unexpectedly when he was little. His father remarried to a pair of mares, both of whom walked out on them, leaving Thunderlane and his dad to raise little foals Rumble and Shady Daze. THEN Dad was killed in a natural disaster, forcing 20-ish Thunderlane to give up any dreams he may have had in order to care for his younger siblings. Just one devastating stroke of bad luck after another for good boy Thundy.

That luck would start to change for the better when the young stallion met Frazzle Rock Twistimane (she's Claude and Trissie's cousin, making her Twist and Truffle's first cousin once removed). She a kind and clever hardworking filly and he a true roses-on-the-pillow gentlecolt, the two took to each other like smitten schoolkids. Frazzle is a well-educated geochemist who teaches chemistry at Thatchroof. Thunderlane never made the Wonderbolts for lack of time and money, but he makes an OK living doing courier work, delivering pizzas and occasionally indulging in a bit of modeling.

The couple are highly invested in raising Shady and Rumble, but they'll probably have foals of their own someday when they're ready. Also I have high hopes that Thundy will refer to his married self as Thunderlane Twistimane, because that would be boss.

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust

Yeah, the Twistimanes apparently have a thing for athletes. Bring on the muthcle'th!
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She's gonna rock his world. ALL OVER THE HOUSE. … "Sweetie you know I love you but please stop bringing so much work home."