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As you might have noticed, I'm recently on a Daybreaker-X-Butterscotch shipping trip.
And when I saw this picture by MrIncon: >>1995478, I just couldn't resist making a fan-picture of it, featuring Butterscotch on something like a date with her in this outfit XD

And to make one thing clear: Butterscotch (male Fluttershy) is an adult here! He just appears quite small, since Daybreaker/Celestia is about 7 feet tall XD

I hope you'll find this picture cute… and a maybe a little sexy XD

Man, these two are gonna make lot's of babies soon… XD

Only that you know: I was a bit lazy and for that matter I mostly traced this picture. This is a non-profit fan-drawing (like all my drawings) and I don't want to take credit for somebody else's work.
I largely traced this picture from a screenshot of the anime "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" featuring the character "Lucoa" in a Kimono.
This is the screenshot I used:
suggestive127753 artist:banebuster52 daybreaker2456 fluttershy197460 human141841 all the mares tease butterscotch39 alternate hairstyle24390 awkward910 awkward moment182 awkward smile206 big breasts68252 blushing175448 breasts239039 bust40555 busty daybreaker370 butterbreaker5 butterscotch1743 cheek squish688 cleavage30704 clothes408214 cuddling7828 dark eyes33 date799 diabreaker75 eyes closed80017 fanart1299 female897234 festival91 flutterbreaker6 grabbing589 gradient background10815 half r63 shipping1661 heart43092 hug25418 huge breasts31849 humanized93982 lights721 lipstick9533 looking away3226 love4343 male304824 night22626 odd couple2 outfit1093 pressing10 pulling594 red hair725 ribbon6419 rule 6325169 sexy23723 shipping183701 shy3472 simple background344747 squishy cheeks2080 straight121489 tall351 this will end in pregnancy992 thought bubble2997 timid40 trace1382 tsundere2618 vaguely asian robe48 woman400 worried3415


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