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safe1617780 artist:徐詩珮9016 fizzlepop berrytwist9041 glitter drops6136 spring rain5583 tempest shadow16176 pony885399 unicorn286069 alternate hairstyle25742 alternate universe9898 artificial wings1410 augmented2208 bisexual5174 broken horn13224 female1287756 glittershadow5302 horn52442 implied lesbian3159 implied shipping4569 implied starlight glimmer394 implied startrix144 implied trixie282 implied twilight sparkle1704 implied twistarlight45 implied twixie79 lesbian91963 lineart19537 magic68533 magic wings593 mare440219 polyamory6429 shipping188637 springdrops4136 springshadow4887 springshadowdrops4017 traditional art111390 wings88253


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