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Pony Aryanne sitting on a pile of heart pillows getting her snoot booped by a human hand. The furball in her lap is her pet Tribble Dr. Göbbels.

This was made by Randy and is one of his first pony drawings in 2019. He claims he has forgotten how to draw equines (which is, sadly, common for him), but the reception to this piece was quite good.
safe (1525346) artist:aryanne (342) artist:randy (549) oc (575022) oc only (394234) oc:aryanne (2976) pony (800291) aryan (671) aryan pony (976) aryanbetes (146) blonde (1910) blushing (168125) boop (6620) chest fluff (30046) cute (167770) happy (26309) heart (41397) holding (2251) looking up (13319) monochrome (142699) nazi (3555) nazipone (751) pet (1753) pillow (14512) sitting (51929) sleeping (20775) smiling (203068) swastika (2062) tribble (22)


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