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As he nears the end of his life and his body wracked by old age and a cancer-like disease, Azure Glide, along with his two children and his cousin, Twilight Sparkle, set out to find his mother, Celestia, to see her one more time as his time grows short. As night fell on Canterlot and the rain began to fall, Azure took a glance at the city that was his home of many years… One Last Time. For where he's going, he won't return.

Thus ends the tale of Azure Glide:
-Captain of The Guard
-Princess Twilight Sparkle's Minister of Defense
-Founder of The Sentinel Order
-Slayer of Chrysalis, The Wicked
-Royal Guard
-Son of Celestia, The Just
-Father of Gale Blitzwing and Iron Wingheart
-Husband to Celaeno of Ornithia
-Citizen of Equestria

Note: This is in an alternate continuity where Azure Glide survives his fight against a changeling horde, he marries Celaeno and starts a family, before finally retiring.
safe1599811 artist:ashimaroo54 oc616263 oc only412402 oc:azure glide63 pegasus251892 pony868688 armor22060 beard3267 commission56469 context in description67 crowned helmet2 elderly463 facial hair5155 graying hair4 jewelry53950 lamppost320 male338277 older oc2 peytral2865 rain5657 regalia17324 scar10611 solo991805 stallion95830


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When I first saw this picture, I thought this was supposed to be a selfie with the wing actually being the right foreleg reaching towards the screen as it holds the camera.
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