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-Even through the apocalypse, you can’t kill the Boof.
A random gifart for Slipstream
safe1599285 artist:agent-diego1 oc615997 oc only412287 oc:littlepip3852 oc:slipstream307 pegasus251704 pony868374 unicorn278485 fallout equestria15608 boofy115 bottle3659 clothes419258 fanfic10203 fanfic art13271 female1272036 glowing horn17230 gun14886 handgun2478 hooves16625 horn49409 levitation10868 little macintosh524 magic67334 male338140 mare432124 mosin nagant64 optical sight940 pipbuck3302 raised hoof40019 revolver1506 rifle3474 scope229 sparkle cola133 spritebot65 stallion95773 standing10672 telekinesis25108 tongue out93119 vault suit3243 vending machine200 wasteland1152 weapon27977 wings84012


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Background Pony #2828
Pulls out console Command and deletes Boof Error: Entity.Boof.Exe does not exist

what? dies instantly to boof
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