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Jebens1 :
Equestria Ninja Girls by DarkMagicianmon.
And the mentioned Halloween party was drawn by TMNTony.
After "Photo Booth", Juniper Montage, Wallflower Blush, and Sapphire Night are at a park bench when they hear Flim and Flam scream

Juniper Montage : I better go make sure Raph and Slash ease up on the FlimFlams. I think they’ve punished enough. as she leaves, she winks at Sapphire and nods toward Wallflower

Sapphire Night : blushes, knowing what she’s talking about So… great day, huh?

Wallflower Blush : Yeah. It sure was. notices Sapphire looking worried Are you okay, Sapphire? You look like something’s bothering.

Sapphire Night : Well, it’s just… there’s something I have to tell you. And it isn’t easy for me to say this. But, just promise me that if you don’t like what I say, that we’ll still be friends.

Wallflower Blush : We’ll always be friends, Sapphire. Why would you think that?

Sapphire Night : Because that’s just it. You see, I don’t know how else to say this, but. Wallflower, I… closes her eyes have a crush on you! Wallflower looks stunned I knew this was a bad idea. Why’d I listen to Juniper? Ugh! Look, before you freak out, let me finish. I’ve had this crush ever since the day you said I mattered to you, when I turned into Inkpire Blotch. But I was took afraid to tell you because, I didn’t think you’d feel the same. And, obviously, don’t. I understand if you rather we just stay friends. But just know that I think you’re special, really cute when you blush, and that you matter to me. Even if I am stuck in the friendzone. looks away, downcasted

Wallflower Blush : Whoa! That’s… wow! I have to say that is pretty shocking. And, actually, there’s something I have to tell you.
Sapphire Night : looks at her Yeah?

Wallflower Blush : looks hesitant for a moment, before she holds Sapphire’s face, leans in, and kisses her, leaving Sapphire stunned I have a crush on you. Sapphire points to her than to herself Mmm, hmm. And I was too nervous to tell you. The only one I ever told was Bebop and he told me to go for it. blushes But it looks like you beat me to it.

Sapphire Night : blushes too Looks like it. But wait. I thought you and Bebop were…
Wallflower Blush : Oh, no, no, we’re just really good friends.
Sapphire Night : But you danced with him at the Halloween party last year.
Wallflower Blush : A friendly dance.
Sapphire Night : Okay then.
Wallflower Blush : That aside, I also think that you’re talented, a great singer, and very sweet.

Sapphire Night : Wow, that’s… that’s great. And you know, Wallflower, I realized we’ve got a lot in common, you and me. We’re both talented.

Wallflower Blush : We both felt invisible and overlooked.
Sapphire Night : And we both did things we’re not proud of. Out of spite against Sunset.
Wallflower Blush : And we’ll probably regret it for the rest of our lives.
Sapphire Night : And we were both afraid to tell each other how we feel.
Wallflower Blush : Yeah… both kiss and rest their fourheads on the other All our friends are watching us, aren’t they?
Sapphire Night : Yep. And three, two, one…
The Equestria Girls : off-screen Awwww!

They look and see the Equestria Girls, the Turtles, April, Casey, Karai, Shinigami, Keno, Indigo Zap, the Mutanimals, the Young Six, Bright Eyes, and Juniper Montage

Juniper Montage : with a smug look It’s about time.
Rarity : Oh, that was adorable!
Mikey : I suspected there was something going on with you girls too.
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