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magic horse is acting weird, i think she wants something

Theres Magic In The Mare fimfiction link
explicit (282257)artist:shinodage (939)trixie (56049)oc (525025)oc:bawdy jot (8)pony (697726)unicorn (203166)bawxie (8)bedroom eyes (44358)blushing (153761)cum (64888)cum on back (131)cum on body (1811)face down ass up (6142)faceless male (2527)female (759780)floppy ears (41302)from behind (10414)horsecock (51490)lidded eyes (18680)male (257908)mare (335050)medial ring (3193)nudity (294640)offscreen character (24152)penis (121588)prehensile tail (535)smiling (183121)stallion (72962)straight (109443)tailjob (158)tinyface (241)


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Background Pony #C8F2
shinodage can’t give us better resolution for his art than compressed twitter image format?
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