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My first NSFW drawing on derpibooru! I like experimenting with both nsfw and sfw art so I hope this isn’t too surprising ^^;

My punk oc Nightshade as a cute maid getting teased hardcore~
Just a fun little redraw of a much older sketch idea, I hope y’all enjoy!

explicit (282536)artist:theawkwarddork (9)oc (525544)oc:nightshade belladonna (1)anthro (200774)earth pony (148476)blushing (153920)buttplug (2838)clothes (355944)female (760718)garter belt (2870)heart eyes (11649)magic (57560)maid (4729)piercing (28414)punk (1730)sex toy (20578)solo (876518)wingding eyes (15984)

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