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Decided to remake an old work of mine featuring EQG Starlight doing a recreation of that Cutie Map scene.

Base used by (rainbowpaintdash)
Base used :…

Made in Paint.NET
I do no longer accept any requests
Update 06/10/19 — I was told on Derpibooru that I got her feet mixed up, so I fixed that.
suggestive135416 artist:grapefruitface1990 starlight glimmer46582 equestria girls191393 mirror magic2450 the cutie re-mark3125 spoiler:eqg specials5139 bad anatomy639 barefoot26277 beanie3428 belly button72929 bikini17120 breasts261311 cleavage32900 clothes436156 equestria girls interpretation542 feet37581 feet on table169 female1306256 fixed240 friendship throne694 hat81879 legs7784 looking at you156979 s5 starlight1722 scene interpretation8216 solo1020960 solo female174154 swimsuit26772 updated425 welcome home twilight134


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