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Everycreature at Twilight's coronation 2
safe1617223 composite screencap138 edit123187 edited screencap59281 screencap211000 cattail85 compass star76 discord29508 emerald green106 flash magnus771 green gem106 lightning bolt876 meadowbrook768 mistmane707 princess cadance31103 princess flurry heart6650 rockhoof1055 shining armor22097 somnambula1770 star swirl the bearded1922 stygian724 white lightning876 alicorn206415 draconequus9903 dragon50998 earth pony216542 pegasus257856 pony884996 unicorn285884 the last problem5051 crying41059 cup5793 electric fan44 female1287385 filly61716 flying35622 foal15117 glass4271 liquid pride175 looking up14863 male344397 mare440055 night24276 panorama243 pillars of equestria255 seven pillars2 stallion98022 table8538


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Awesome dude
Now someone make full panoramic shots of the background characters during the song The Magic of Friendship Grows. and edit them without the white lines and Twilight being in the way of the last one.
Background Pony #B991
Leaking more of your liquid pride over Twilight's biggest achievement here again, eh champ??
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