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Based on this scene from Cowboy Bebop (Episode 3):

Rendered at 4K @ 256 DoF samples
15 lights used in this scene (2 volumetric)

Model compiled from the following models:
ReVAmped Anthro model pack (also requires the V6 pony models)
Hair from EQG Sunset Shimmer model
Tail from Pony Sunset Shimmer model
safe (1447451)artist:imafutureguitarhero (262)sunset shimmer (51432)anthro (203932)unicorn (211207)3d (52537)4:3 (30)armpits (36462)arms behind head (2746)bare shoulder portrait (107)bare shoulders (1366)border (124)bust (32169)chromatic aberration (1256)colored eyebrows (130)colored eyelashes (223)cowboy bebop (86)faic (10511)female (776879)film grain (173)high res (17550)horn (27778)long hair (2859)long mane (2539)mare (345839)multicolored hair (3448)multicolored mane (559)nose wrinkle (2663)portrait (25212)raised eyebrow (5462)revamped anthros (65)revamped ponies (108)scene interpretation (7040)signature (15148)simple background (295912)smiling (186678)smug (4293)solo (887957)source filmmaker (31406)squint (342)windswept hair (139)windswept mane (2380)


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