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Trixie's ears twitched as her eyes finally opened, being blinded by the sunlight streaming through her window. Strange, she swore she had closed it.
With a yawn and a rattle on her body she jumped out of her bed, smoothing her messy mane with her hoof. Her stomach growled. Hmm,
she'd love apple pancakes now.
Dreaming of her breakfast, she walked excitedly toward the door, wanting to reach the royal kitchen. But … wait! What is it?
She looked down as she felt something different in her cascades, thin and soft, unlike the thick carpet that graced the floor.
It was a blanket, more specifically her baby blanket! It was his egg that was there, wrapped in the blanket over the rug.
How did you get here?

Ember… The unicorn narrowed his eyes, using his magic to lift the egg, carefully wrapping it in the dark blanket.

A yellowed paper fell from the middle of the fabric. It was singed at the tips.

"Dear Trixie, I forgot to warn you that I will have an important appointment this morning, a real hunt with other important
dragon. I think this isn't the most safe and comfortable environment for an egg about to hatch, so little gabbu will
spend that day with mamma Trix.
Have a spectacular day!
_U favorite dragon queen "

Trixie slammed the hoof against her muzzle.
Ember had simply dropped their baby into his room in the middle of the night without warning.

What to do now?
Her stomach growled again.
Um, maybe eating some piles of delicious pancakes and showing off her beautiful, spectacular baby egg
to her friends? It looked good.


Oh yes, I send Trixie and ember together! And soon there will be a beautiful baby dragon princess to color their lives even more!
See-ya <3
safe1616745 artist:mandywuuf85 trixie64050 classical unicorn3834 pony884552 unicorn285689 alternate hairstyle25705 chest fluff34390 cloven hooves9201 curved horn6160 egg3631 female1286968 horn52259 leonine tail7525 mare439867 raised hoof40795 solo1004486 surprised8442 unshorn fetlocks22432


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