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Name: Silverfang
Nickname: Silver, Fangs, Silvy, Sil, Ego
Species: Pony/Griffin
Parents: Rainbow Dash X Gilda
Siblings: Jester, Divine Speed
Ability:He can also break the sound barrier like his mother, but unlike his brother Sil uses his voice to hit ear defining pitches.
safe (1521134) artist:minikitty101 (2) oc (572264) oc only (392764) oc:silverfang (3) hippogriff (7732) pegasus (220805) blank flank (6743) facial hair (4572) goatee (1196) interspecies offspring (5887) magical lesbian spawn (9353) male (287875) offspring (31936) parent:gilda (604) parent:rainbow dash (4700) parents:gildash (356) solo (936113) stallion (85942) unshorn fetlocks (20897)


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