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Originally posted on: November 26, 2015
Been busy everyone sorry. Also if you forgot what's happening: They are in Chase's subconscious mind because he went to sleep, The rainbow guy is Chase's "demon"(Enenra), That purple thing is Nightmare Moon, Luna is there because Nightmare Moon, I gained major improvement in the designs of the ponies, and finally the timeline is Season 1 Episode 1(if you don't remember I suggest rewatching the episode). Lastly you can start the commenting on Part 9, but first I'm gonna go eat some pie yay.

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The Pony/Oc/Art © (me)
MlpFim/Nightmare Moon/Luna © Hasbro and
safe1615085 artist:didun850368 princess luna95482 oc626731 oc:chase57 alicorn205947 earth pony215748 pony882789 shadow pony132 comic:ask chase the pony43 collar30203 comic103316 exclamation point3461 hair over one eye8382 interrobang900 leash7163 lineart19478 male343630 question mark4167 stallion97759 surprised8435


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