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Seen a lot of people's interpretations on who Luster's parents are, so here's my take! Some notes below


- Luster Dawn is the beloved daughter of Starlight and Sunset, a happily married pair of reformed villains. They're a happy 3-member family and both parents were very present in Luster's life.

- Luster has never been a fan of how she looks face-on. She's always had the idea that her face isn't symmetrical, so she went through a pretty long phase of hiding half of her face with her mane. Her parents tried to convince her out of it for this picture, but she wouldn't budge.

- Starlight and Sunset have dozens of family pictures, maybe even hundreds, but a lot of them are stored away for memory. A select few are displayed on the walls of their home. The majority of them probably got removed after Luster hastily started removing all the "embarrassing" pictures of herself the first time she had a friend over.

- She's propped up on a stool here. She grows up to be a little shorter than Starlight, who's worlds shorter than her wife Sunset. Sunset is pretty tall for unicorn standards and seems to tower over everyone.

- As the daughter of two famously powerful unicorns, Luster grew up with a lot of pressure from relatives and the prying eyes of the public. Thankfully… she doesn't really care all that much. Luster does her own thing, refusing to improve for others, but for herself. She's naturally motivated and somehow doesn't let the outside pressure get to her.

- They're considered a really pretty family- Luster definitely inherited both her parent's feature looks. Just like her momma Sun, she was sought after for modeling programs from the time she could say her first words. Sunset didn't want that for her only daughter, having known the struggles of the modeling world from her own experiences. Luster never pursued that life, and she's glad. She's definitely more of a solo rider, trying to stay out of the spotlight and minding her own business.

- She's super close with her uncle Sunburst. Back when she was a kid, she'd spend a few weeks with him and Uncle Flash during the summer and have a fun time with her cousins. They're close with Sunset's part of the family.

Inspired by lovss's depiction of Luster! Sunset's back freckles were inspired by her Sunset design too (: Be sure to check out her piece here:
safe1640216 artist:venommocity91 luster dawn1358 starlight glimmer46570 sunset shimmer60107 pony905810 unicorn295812 female1305900 lesbian93112 magical lesbian spawn11125 offspring36289 parent:starlight glimmer1316 parent:sunset shimmer1374 parents:shimmerglimmer109 shimmerglimmer431 shipping191685 simple background371133 white background92031


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