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Sometimes you just want to draw a dinosaur having tea with a chaos spirit.

The "guide to holding teacups" at the bottom was fun to make. I played with Scott Hartman's Anchiornis skeletal to figure out some plausible poses that a basal paravian could use. I originally had the maniraptors in the schematic facing left (the same direction as Fluttershy in the main drawing), but I wanted to make a nod to the fanon that Fluttershy is left-handed as well as show the contribution of the hallux in grasping the cup handle, so I ended up mirroring them.

As for what happens if a (non-telekinetic) maniraptor needs to transport a hot teacup from one place to another (and thus can't stand around one-legged)? My thinking is that they'd hold the cup by the handle using their mouth.


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