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Decided to upload the higher definition version here. And mention that my headcanon is that zephyr uses fake stubble paint and puts his mane up to a bun to try to hide the fact that he's stupid gorgeous. Because he is sick and tired of explaining that he's just pretty stallion, not a pretty mare.


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He could hide that feminine beauty while still looking good. If he grew a real beard and put that hair into a viking braid it would disguise his soft features somewhat.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Zephyr is given such a bad rap for what was eventually revealed to be self-sabotage. It sounds like something he would do, hide just how good he really looks, whilst also coming on obnoxiously strong, more self-sabotage. He's not at all as bad as people treat him though, and with a bit more help I'd love to see a version of him looking like this and being a better guy. At least in my headcanon, this is what will happen to him. I just love how fantastic this looks!

>Be Zephyr Breeze
>Try to pick up chicks at the bar while uglified, get shot down and made fun of by some superficial mares
>Get annoyed, leave them be and start chatting with others
>Encounter an average-looking, yet really nice mare
>Find out your new friend is the designated driver for the superficial mares, which she doesn't really like because
they treat her like a tool
>She sticks with them because they're her only form of social interaction
>Something inside you snaps
>Excuse yourself to the bathroom
>De-uglify yourself, using your manestyling and makeup skills to reveal your true power level
>Come out of the bathroom as the pony equivalent of Fabio
>Pull a complete role reversal on the superficial mares, lecture them about the way they treat others
>They're stunned—they have no defense and they know it
>It may take time for your words to truly sink in, but somehow you know they'll be doing some serious self-reflection
after this
>Go to the average-looking girl, give her your number
>Stroll out of the bar like a boss
>For the first time, you actually feel related to the Element of Kindness
Background Pony #D578
Because he is sick and tired of explaining that he's just pretty stallion, not a pretty mare.
"Another beverage for you. Courtesy of the stallion at the end of the bar."
"Oh for… I'm a stallion too!"
"Yes sir, he knows. He wanted me to tell you, he's willing to let you change his mind."
"I'm not even gay!"
"Quite. To that end, I also have a petition from all the single mares here tonight, that you find another location to drink, as you are undeniably the, quote, 'hottest piece' in here, and they don't need the added competition."
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Now I want to see him as a background pony in a future official comic—drawn with this headcanon.

Quantum Voodoo
I dislike the show's Zephyr Breeze, but I love this Zephyr Breeze. More of this Zephyr Breeze, please?