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safe1555626 artist:kabooramackraid1 cozy glow5667 grogar1192 lord tirek4647 queen chrysalis31901 twilight sparkle279838 alicorn190999 centaur2520 changeling39057 changeling queen11189 pony826709 sheep1226 the ending of the end1986 alicornified4406 antagonist1319 bow23599 claws4489 cozycorn397 crown13486 evil grin3738 eyebrows2300 fangs21568 female879880 filly58442 glowing eyes9568 grin32205 horn40470 horns4566 jewelry49051 legion of doom252 looking down6512 magic64530 male299131 nose piercing2184 nose ring1786 piercing33849 race swap12306 ram589 regalia15708 signature18251 smiling209880 stars13103 tiny930 tiny ponies1187 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113760 ultimate chrysalis244 wings71989


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