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see these two outfits, I loved the images so much I had to make soarinbust with them:

I tried a few stomach tutorials I found on /d/ and some shading tutorials. I will admit I haven't delved too far into them. I just started saving tutorials off the thread.
suggestive127864 artist:quakehoof378 soarin'13321 sunburst5803 anthro229912 unguligrade anthro42895 abs9184 arm behind back4966 armpits41439 bedroom8352 belly button67406 blushing175579 bondage30284 bridle3176 clothes408460 collar28689 crotch bulge3965 eye contact6151 femboy7946 gay25220 hands behind back1325 harness1683 horn43050 horn ring5044 kneeling7482 latex10255 lip bite10365 looking at each other16325 magic suppression3601 male305028 maledom4105 malesub3669 missing accessory7443 muscles9928 panties46046 partial nudity16867 sitting54896 soarinburst1 socks56690 spread legs16399 spreading16035 stupid sexy soarin'70 stupid sexy sunburst117 submissive13025 tack3735 thigh highs28307 tongue out90359 topless11000 underwear55132


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Hot damn that's looking amazingly sexy. The crotch bulges are so lovely.
What a fine work this is.

I linked this image to JedaySkayVoker's twitter for you.