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It's now been about 8 months since school started. I've been expecing at least a mid-
term test but no. They don't really do tests and greades here.
I throw my saddlebag over my back and put my birthday invitation card on the table to
the others. We were training to make invitation cards to all kinds of celebrations and
how to plan them aswell with Pinkie Pie.
Other than expected I did make friends with her aswell as Rarity. Rarity mostly enjoys
me making coat care creames and face masks for her. It helps me learn a lot for the
sanctuary too so I'm happy to use her as a guinea pig — I once said that out loud and I
didn't hear the end of it. Her feedback is very valuable and she tells me a lot of
interesting stories about what they've gone through.
With Pinkie Pie I learn to bake as I've taken up a side-job at the bakery instead of
dusting books. Together we often ventur out into the everfree forest — her unfaced spirit
by the forest helps me get over my fear of it.
Thanks to her I also met Zecora. She is really happy to share some of her knowledge
with me but she isn't really the best teacher as she loves to speak in riddles. So I'm
learning slowly.
I really did make many friends since I arrived. I really am surprised how well my
parent's plan seems to work out for me. I'm really happy. Yet something still bugs me.
Since I told Fluttershy about how I feel she's a bit more cautious about how close she
comes to me but we did become closer friends for sure. I visit her more often and even
met Discord twice. He isn't really my cup of tea. I guess I lack the extrensive patience
you need to deal with the literal lord of chaos. Though I do occationally join in with
him and BigMac on Orges and Oubliettes. He talked me into it as they were missing their
softie he said. Not quite sure what he meant by that but I am having fun nevertheless.
Today I'm once again making my way to Fluttershy before heading over to the sanctuary.
Her kitchen was bigger than mine and had more appliances so making my healing salves and
everything there is much easier. Plus she can just take them from the fridge if they need
cooling. Mine is way too small to even fit all my food.
I turn around the corner and see a fiery red stranger at her door knocking firmly.
I walk up to him "Hello. You're also intending to visit?" I ask nicely. He threw me an
angry look "No. I live here.". I tilt my head "You live here? Doesn't Fluttershy live
alone?". He growls "No! I'm Phoenix. I'm her husband.".
I shake my head "If she had a husband she would have told me." and look up at him now
sure he isn't here to visit her "What do you want from her?". Phoenix puffs up his chest
and tries to look tall though he's just about a few hairs taller than me "Buck off. She's
I frown displeased at how he acts "I doubt that." and he bucks out at me. I quickly
duck away, turn around and give him a hefty kick to the muzzle with my back hooves. He
flails whilst flapping his wings and catches himself. He throws me another angry look and
runs away. "Leave her be." I call after him "She belongs to nopony but herself.".
I stare after him for a while. Angry. Then I gently kock at the door "Fluttershy? Are
you okay?". Nothing for a while. Then I notice I can hear a faint sobbing. "Fluttershy!
Open the door, I want to help you!" I call — scared of what might have happened before I
came by.
Suddenly the door opens but nobody's standing there. I enter and see Angel falling from
the door handle. I close the door behind me "Thank you, buddy.". After I helped him when
he was sick he started to get used to me. Now he grabbed my leg and pointed to the
stairs. Upstairs was her bedroom. The crying definitely came from there.
I walk up the stairs and before I opened the slightly ajar door I calmly announce
myself "It's just me, Dew." and enter.
She's lying in her bed with a pillow over her head. Sobbing worse than ever before. I
walk up to her "Hello Fluttershy." I sit down next to the bed "What happened?". No
answer. I knew it always took her a while to say what's bothering her unless it was
something related to her animals.
Angel hopps up beside her and gently shakes her with his tiny bunny paws. He looked
very troubled. He seemed to say something to her and I let him speak even though I
couldn't understand I knew that she did.".
Whatever he said it made her sit up but she doesn't look at me. "I'm sorry you had to
see that…" she eventually whimpers. "It's fine." I say "Some ponies are just… I don't
know… But may I ask who that was?". She starts stroking Angel "He… He's my ex
boyfriend…" she confessed. "He asked me some years ago to date him… And I couldn't
say no…" I didn't expect that she would be opening up like this. It seems to be
something that had troubled her for a long time. "He… he was nice at first. Gave me a
lot of presents but… he quickly became really… obsessed with me…" she curls up
beside Angel. I don't say anything. I just listen. "He… He… He soon wanted to do
things with me…" Angel looked up at her, worry in his eyes. "And I couldn't say no…
He hurt me… So much… Even though he said that he loved me… That I was his true
love…" She swallows and buries her face in Angel's fur "I didn't want to be with him
anymore… But I couldn't say it… Not even tell anyone… If I told Discord who knows
what he would have done…". She was silent for a while "I eventually just didn't let him
inside anymore… I thought he understood because he moved away but he sometimes comes
back even saying I'm his wife… Sometimes he even brings his foals saying they're
mine… And that I should be a good mother…".
She continues to sob and I sit down next to her "Whenever he comes back." I promise
"You just call me and I'll buck his face again. No matter what time of day. Nobody should
be treated like that. You don't belong to anyone other than yourself.". She sits up again
and leans against me "Thank you for sending him away…". I give her a caring smile "I'd
do anything for you. Besides. I'm an earth pony I can give quite a strong buck.".
Finally she smiles a little bit "Thank you…" she repeated and we sat there for a
while. "And I'm sorry." she whispers after a while "I… I cannot give you an answer
yet… I'm not ready to think of a new relationship… just yet…". I nod "I can
understand. That's fine. I'm happy to just be your friend too." I tell her and give her a
short hug "I'll go start making the salves. If you feel better you can come down." and
get up and leave to the kitchen.
"But…" I hear from behind me and I stop just outside the door "… I think… I
might… have… some more feelings for you too…" she confessed. I didn't know if she
knew I heard it or even if she intended for me to hear it but I decide to go on
She isn't ready yet and that's okay. How could I do anything other than respect her
feelings? She's a shy pony no matter how much she had learned from her friends. And she
will always be shy and should be treated with respect for who she is. Such a wonderful
pony deserves to be respected.


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