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Scarfyace: Closing the Mane Six off with a Twilight redesign. One of the few characters that I actually do like the dumb part of bimbofication because I think i'ts horny when a character has all their brain power translate into boob power. The harder she thinks, the faster she changes.

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suggestive148406 artist:scarfyace112 twilight sparkle306094 human158946 alternate hairstyle29075 areola19073 ass50901 before and after233 belly button81254 belt5850 big breasts86016 big lips783 bimbo4637 bimbo sparkle456 bimboification1009 brain drain51 breast expansion3518 breasts288698 busty twilight sparkle12452 butt65909 butt expansion1218 cleavage35642 clothes475977 curvy6932 dark skin4788 dick sucking lips143 dress46069 expansion896 female1401843 fetish41703 glass4808 glasses64585 gloves20955 growth5945 hair growth75 hips2768 horny1179 huge breasts40017 huge butt10325 humanized101914 impossibly large breasts17370 impossibly large hips100 intelligence15 intelligence loss29 jeans4338 large butt18014 leg warmers2573 leggings2157 legs8830 lips1219 lipstick11640 long hair4454 long nails543 looking at you175691 magic75388 makeup22811 microskirt367 midriff19843 moderate dark skin771 nails401 necktie7585 panties51498 pants15316 pigtails4944 ponytail18765 rack35 school uniform7441 schoolgirl1910 sexy30697 shirt26178 skirt41087 slut985 socks68560 solo1094350 solo female183674 standing12887 stupid sexy twilight1035 thicc ass1350 thick4584 thigh highs38177 thighs15060 thong6213 thunder thighs9013 tight clothing2656 transformation11324 transforming clothes119 twintails1755 underwear62503 whore248 wide hips18264


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Background Pony #01AA
How you look IRL vs how TikTok and the Kardashians and e-girl simps want you to look like.
Background Pony #DBB1
Magically charged bimbo breast milk from Twilight's huge heavy boobs will transform every girl into a bimbo 3.0 with lactation standard.
Brony kaiju soldier

I’ve always liked Bimbo Sparkle with pigtails; they make her cuter and sexier; I really enjoy the idea of a smart, magical princess getting turned into a brain drained bimbo looking for her next stud.