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i’ve had this idea for nearly three years and i finally got around to it. it’s exactly as bad as i thought it would be.
also i think i got all the tags but i’d appreciate it if someone could check to make sure ok ty
suggestive170676 artist:moonatik1172 princess celestia104283 oc825289 oc only607012 oc:alabaster41 oc:bizarre song776 oc:historia103 oc:jade shine509 oc:lilith722 oc:modular32 oc:moonatik198 oc:phoenix falsetto3 oc:rivibaes294 oc:s.leech327 oc:selenite247 oc:sign333 oc:whinny69 oc:zeal lanatus32 bat pony62905 crystal pony5133 earth pony352286 pegasus396682 pony1299798 unicorn435811 zebra20756 aaaaaaaaaa333 april fools997 bald face299 bat pony oc24229 blaze (coat marking)2625 book38857 bowtie12499 chad183 clothes551175 coat markings8736 cross necklace94 crystal pony oc127 cyrillic3486 dress52962 earth pony oc17805 facial markings3820 female1582668 flying46588 glasses76218 hair bun4226 horn113137 lying down31537 male451803 mare605952 out of character1119 pegasus oc24161 praise the sun2223 raised hoof58749 russian5372 safety goggles457 screaming4243 shower4074 sitting77277 sketch72204 stallion146288 sun8007 unicorn oc21082 uwu204 vulgar23183 zebra oc4413 друг4


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