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safe1754409 edit136190 edited screencap67428 editor:quoterific2586 screencap228300 rainbow dash238947 rarity185943 sweetie belle49774 pegasus310494 pony1014010 unicorn343831 castle mane-ia906 dragon dropped1216 fame and misfortune1095 forever filly577 inspiration manifestation893 it isn't the mane thing about you1182 made in manehattan711 ponyville confidential1015 sisterhooves social700 sparkle's seven1683 sweet and elite869 the end in friend703 the saddle row review1455 carousel boutique2298 close-up6408 crying44922 cute206147 detective rarity711 eyes closed98497 faic12558 female1405160 filly69852 glowing horn20617 gritted teeth13308 horn78240 lip bite12059 magic75559 magic aura4676 makeup22917 mare503784 marshmelodrama847 newspaper1723 no spoilers57 open mouth155195 puffy cheeks3979 raribetes5640 rarirage23 rarity being rarity342 running makeup2191 scared10787 shocked7271 teeth10554 telekinesis28809 twilight's castle4102 why i'm creating a gown darling74


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