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Oh look god a zombie and a noble disagree with this wedding
safe1972985 artist:verskon4 derpy hooves54032 jet set502 oc837389 oc:grover ii6 oc:hearld of boreas1 oc:river swirl36 oc:rosa maledicta28 oc:william steelbeak4 oc:wingfried von katerinburg5 griffon32889 pegasus407370 pony1325056 undead4217 unicorn447154 zombie2728 equestria at war mod1240 clothes559862 crown24997 crown of grover73 jewelry91407 malding1 military uniform1842 regalia29868 screaming4300 suit7622 swearing936 tail66541 uniform13640 uniform hat82 vulgar23410


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Background Pony #B3A8
@kyle dm  
Not that much more stable a government in all fairness.  
Mob rule at best, societal castes at worst. And always with politicians who lie, cheat, and pander to get elected. Separating leadership from relying on the land they lead was one of the largest mistakes made in modern history.  
Hell even the old republics of antiquity required a leader of a region to be from and live in said region. But now you get some hard party partisan born four provinces over coming to your town and getting the candidacy for local office. Tis a laugh
Background Pony #B3A8
pony marriage kills the line of succession you fool!  
your dooming the empire to yet another war in a single generations time!  
Guess they got the Zombie Emperor and super pope at least.