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Some hidden lore of G5 was decrypted by /mlp/ by flipping and sharpening the pages of the book given to Zipp.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A shooting star breaking into three bright crystals that landed in Equestria. Why does this sounds like something that could happen frequently there? I mean, even though it’s known (thanks to the book itself) it may only have happened once.
Background Pony #2074
Look like The Crystal Empire
Yes. The hypothesis that Opaline is Flurry Heart’s sister is only further reinforced. For the silhouette in the shadow of the tree is the Crystal royal palace - which had been put in by the writers. They had obviously worked like the Brothers Grimm in the 1800s, collecting and categorizing or piecing together folktales that still existed before they were forgotten.
They knew about the Crystal Empire, only as a loose hint. But that means that the unicorns are connected with the Crystal Empire - and Twilight is the sister-in-law of the ruler, Cadence, who has a daughter, Flurry, and may also have given birth to another daughter, Opaline. This combination may have led the writers to a logical conclusion when trying to piece together the folklore about the Unity Crystals, the Wishing Tree and the three alicorns, two of which came from the Crystal Empire.
The book reveals that there is possibly a third alicorn in the G5 in addition to Sunny and Opaline - Flurry Hearts who may have chosen to isolate herself and her realm from Equestria.
So Misty is possibly related to Twilight, even if through adoption.
Background Pony #2074
Have now gone to the link.
The page showing the Ice vs. Fire confrontation is an indirect confirmation that the three “unicorns” are alicorns, because one of the three ponies has signs of wings on it. It flew. Then Opaline is definitely in the book, and the white unicorn could be Flurry Heart, the other flying one - seemed to have a darker fur color, and could be Twilight. Behind her came a storm, perhaps her friends. So this could be the moment before Opaline is defeated and put in chains after losing her magic.
Only the white unicorn was back as the book drew to a close, it seemed to be galloping towards brighter times away from the darkness, symbolizing a good ending towards better times, as there are clearings ahead of the unicorn. So this can be interpreted as a happy ending, but the fate of the other two unicorns is not known.
Possibly Flurry had reacted negatively to what Twilight had done, and went away, possibly to the Crystal Empire. This could possibly confirm that she may be alive, and that the Crystal Empire may still exist. But in the page, it looked like Flurry had been trying to talk Opaline into giving up, and may have reacted strongly to Twilight’s decision to take the magic from Opaline.
The hypothesis that Opaline may be Flurry’s sister has not been confirmed, but not rejected. Such a tragic performance within a family is always popular, and can survive for a very long time in the folklore, especially if it is about divine-like beings. Sibling tragedies have happened in the MLP, considering Celestia and Luna at the beginning of the G4. This may have been repeated in the G5.
So the ponies combine the three crystals that we know are the Unity Crystals, with the alicorns - and that they pay tribute to the Wishing Star that gave them the crystals or “guardians”. And they do it by using Twilight Sparkle’s magic symbol, eight-pointed star and other decorations from her reign.
It is possible that in the post-G4 era Twilight took Flurry and Opaline under her wing to train them, introduce them to her realm as they are her nieces and daughters of a powerful ally. They may have participated in the ritual around the Wishing Tree in Bridlewood when the winter season started. But as we know from IDW and MYM, a unicorn started the unrest in Equestria which led to magic running wild as the ponies turned against each other.
Opaline in IDW may have disguised herself so that Fluttershy didn’t recognize her, while Discord possibly does, being at a loss. Because if Opaline is Twilight’s niece, this could completely freak Discord out. And that explains how Discord knew her - and talked sarcastically about her in the IDW. In the end, the Mane 6 chose to take out Opaline, and it’s possible that Flurry didn’t agree with the decision to take her sister’s magic and put her under house arrest.
The book is very revealing, for this produce a number of hypotheses.
But this only emphasized that Twilight Sparkle could be the Wishing Star, and that the three crystals fell when she was taken up into the sky. Possibly after sealing the magic. And the Wishday is celebrated because of the crystals - and the subconscious of the first generation of ponies that they have lost something very important; as if a mother has abandoned them.
Background Pony #2074
Very interesting! That explains the three unicorns in the cover. This is a reference to the Unity Crystals - but once again the information is consistent with the book being made by the first generation after Equestria’s collapse, the memory of the Unity Crystals had obviously been either distorted or lost, and the three crystals may have fallen from a shooting star - which must be the Wishing Star.
We know from IDW and MYM that Twilight made the three crystals and stored all magic in them, and that an alicorn, Opaline, may be the first to lose her magic. It’s possible that whatever happened, the Unity Crystals had split - and fallen to Earth where the ponies found them. And these knew that they were associated with special ponies, so they may have constructed stories based on oral accounts that had not yet been forgotten. In that way, the three crystals became three ponies.
More proof that Twilight Sparkle and the Wishing Star have a connection.
But these three ponies who were supposed to be “guardians” had to have been actual historical figures who were part of popular memory. The sentence that they could not remember must suggest the three tribes - the earth ponies, the unicorns and the pegasi in their place. This is perhaps the first confirmed information about collective amnesia.