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Background Pony #389C
You better keep all the cheese inside of you all the time you are around my little girl, or else you will say goodbye to your "Little Weird Al" down there, kapiche?
Background Pony #51DE
Cheese- NO please don't kill me
Discord- If you want to live STAY AWAY FROM Pinkie pie!
Cheese- ok

@Keith Mowz
Haha oblivion the fuck yes. Discord is perfect for sheogorath. I can totaly see him giving spike or big mac the wabbajack and doing the fishstick. Its a very delicate state of mind you know

Also discord has made it known that he favors pinkie pie and her element of i can see how hed be pissed if somepony was moving in on "his girl" so to speak.
Background Pony #2129
Discord doesn't seem to care for Pinkie as much as Fluttershy in the show though. Three's a Crowd proves it.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Discord: Steal *MY WAIFU WILL YOU!?

Cheese: No! Please! I didn't know it was like that between you and Pin-

Discord: Where's Boneless II!?

Cheese: Wait, what?