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Background Pony #5762
Had many good ideas, all wasted
Star was selfish, what happen with Marco?, SJW-shit, good villians wasted, annoying characters, full of deux ex machinas, Nice character designs, good music. The fan artwork is better

Favorite cake?

Pre-1932 US car fan
A mini baguette with salami. About to dig into a package of Marabou chocolate chip cookies.

Don't you find it strange that Prince Blueblood is wearing only a collar and no suit?
Background Pony #216A
I don't remember right now.

Food choice: Ube or breaded baked clam pieces?
Background Pony #216A
One time back in 4th grade when I dressed as a pirate for Halloween, I left my house without parents' permission and got lost with people that were not known to me.

Elder Scrolls world or Fallout world?
Background Pony #216A
I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.

What kind of bomb caused the first Fallout War?
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