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This ignores the fact that Discord showed no remorse when Celestia had him released and the fact that everything he did afterwards was AFTER being given that chance and having Fluttershy stubbernly helping him despite her knowing who he was and what he did. Then there's also the fact that Discord did everything that he did a thousend years ago and upon his escape for his own personal amusement.

And if were going with her being petrified, you must remember that it wasn't the friendship magic beam that did that. That only depowered her. It was Celestia, Luna and Discord that decided on giving her that extra punishment when she was left defenseless and harmless. Keep in mind that the same kind of attack streight up petrified Discord. In other words, the pure friendship attack saw fit to turn him to stone while Cozy only got depowered. Therefore, the decision to do that to them didn't come from some higher moral authority, but from three people with their own biases.

And we have no evidence that she's a psychopath or sociopath. People without those conditions are capable of doing the same things that she did. Frankly, we don't have enough knowlaedge of her personal life, past or mindset to truly make such a deduction with a hundred percent accuracy. Frankly, the fact that she took the blame for the CMC and the fact that in Frenemies she seemed to show a genuene likeness for helping others shows that it isn't the case with her. And even if she did have one of those conditions, it shouldn't be impossible to still work with her and teach her how to live normally with it. There are plenty of examples of people like that living normal lives.
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