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Fetishes [NSFW]

Started by tetrisman64
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I have a few interests.

Somnophilia, size-differences (I have a distinct limit), and ero-rpg.

One more specific one is that I want a partner who is worth something; intelligent, has a fine job, has talent, looks good, or any sort of combination/addition to this. Then, when we are alone, their only desire is to pleasure me. Not like a master slave thing, but an adoration thing, where if I wanted they would spend their entire night going down on me or anything else I asked. Just because they wanted to make me happy.
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Asphyxiation, girl on monster, hot demon chick torturing furry to death, tentacles, submissive busty princess, dominant demon queen, dominant demon queen violating submissive busty princess, bankunyuu, delicious flat chest, pissing while having sex, hatefucking, Nao from Mabinogi, vampirism, angels being corrupted, nuns being corrupted, Aphrodite having sex until the victim nearly dies, annoying characters getting violated, pony porn (duh), beastiality (especially snake and horse related), transformation into demon, sweet passionate lovemaking, lesbian sweet passionate lovemaking, evil violent sweet passionate lovemaking, revenge-fucking, slapping, elf on orc, alien impregnation, and anal. :D
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Thread Starter - The time wasting thread

Oh boy do I have a ton of these, I’ll just list a summarized list instead of listing out ones that are similar-

Since OP hasn’t put a nsfw tag I’ll put a spoiler tag until he does so
anthro on pony action, breast expansion, bukkake, brainwashing, collar, crossdressing, fishnets, fisting, foot fetish, form fitting, futa, goo pony, humanization, human on pony action, hypnosis, incest, insertion, interspecies, lactation, latex, maid, rule 63, squirting, stockings, transformation, cougar, my favorite oviposition, robot/cyborg, gangbang, tribadism
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Obsessive Rarity Fan
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I don’t think I have many fetishes; rather tame and vanilla when it comes to my tastes. Oh but I do love, love, loooove hooves – I can spend an entire session just licking or rubbing my darling’s hoovsies. I also like sex in fancy clothes, yanking on tails, love nips on her pony ears, collars and leashes, and saddles and other equine accoutrement.

By the way I’m 100% ponysexual and haven’t found anything other than MLP characters attractive since fall of 2011.
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Furry Trash
Spoilering it, seems like a good idea
Bukkake, impossibly large body parts, futa, crotchboobs, feet/hooves/paws, R63, femboys (especially Furry femboys), maid and nurse outfits, foalcon, penis/boob milking, lactation, breast expansion, tentacles, human on pony action, and thigh socks

There, my long list of sick fetishes
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

- Elves, gnomes, and other fantasy races. Except for dwarves, they’re not curvy enough.
– Thigh Socks
– Futa (but I wouldn’t call it a fetish, because I don’t enjoy it any more than a normal girl. Just the same level of enjoyment)
-Fantastic bestiality (like girl x dragon or something)
-Nurses with soft pink hair
-Public sex
-Really romantic sex
-Clothed sex (both formal and casual wear)
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Thread Starter - The time wasting thread

I wish there were more people like you. Unfortunately more often than not when I try and get a date with someone open to me being transgender and will begin transitioning soon the first thing out of 90% of the people’s mouths are some comment that has me running for the hills calling the cops.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
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With as many times as I’ve mentioned it on this site it should be well known by now.

Zincy likes Inflation.
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