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ARTIST DESCRIPTION: Here the second entry for Pandoraverse Month of Love Contest of Lopoddity.

And for this one I choose Lucy's >>122763 Family :3

Tirek, in the kitchen, cooks some waffles for his little family.

Tirek : “ The breakfast is ready !”

No-one comes, no noise is the house.

Tirek go to the salon, …his room, but his dear unicorn and his little demon weren’t here.

Tirek opens slowly the door of Lucy’s room. He finds them, on the ground, sleeping, Lucy on Sombra’s belly.

Tirek blush, they was so cute together. His perfect little family.
safe1552237 artist:miidniightsuun28 king sombra12507 lord tirek4627 oc592038 oc:princess lucifer9 hybrid14686 original species22669 pandoraverse666 drool22055 facial hair4815 father and daughter2188 gay24874 heart42354 interspecies offspring6172 magical gay spawn857 male298252 multiple eyes301 next generation5900 offspring33375 parent:king sombra1016 parent:lord tirek159 parents:sombrek14 shipping180840 sombrek11 unshorn fetlocks21596


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