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So this is AP63, she is an android pony that I made up for the Starfinder session me and my friends have (the name literally is just an abbreviation of my ponysona's name, Aero Pegasus to AP and just slapped 63 because I'm male IRL and my ponysonas are usually female). She is technecally a healer because of her backstory (I'll probably write that down somewhere at some point) but when she needs to she can and will defend herself with deadly force and because she thinks she need to kill people (not ponies) that kill other living things because she, like, really values life to an extreme level that kinda makes her bad but mean well. She is a run away android that doesn't understand how things work after all…

oh and she's just aiming at you because it looked like a good pose… you haven't done anything for her to shoot at you… right?


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