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Day 15. Mysterious.
CONTEXT TIME. okay so up until season 7 i had been looking for the illusive toaster in MLP. like since 2014. All going back to the Pinky pop tarts pic i did. I was looking for a screen cap of a toaster in the show and long story short, it lead to many hours searching derpibooru, the wiki, fallowing dead leads upon dead leads and just flat out looking through episodes frame by fucking frame. There where no toasters! None! Nothing! ALL THIS TIME I WONDERED HOW IN SEASON 2 SWEETIE BELLE WAS ABLE TO FUCK UP TOAST TO THE POINT OF MAKING SOUP, BUT NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!! TOASTERS DON’T EXIST!!@!!
Or at least they didn’t. Up until season 7 in Discordant Harmony. We finally got a fucking toaster! and yeah, yeah i know its in discords realm and that’s a world of impossibility all its own that manages to have fucking smart phones and infinite cosplay but fuck, i’ll take what i can get i guess.


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