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After long months of crawling through jungles and foiling the plans of various baddies, Daring Doo was very eager to get home to her marefriend for a bit of TLC. Only when she arrived, what did she see through the window but a stranger? A zebra stallion leaning over Zecora's cauldron, seeming a bit stressed and mumbling to himself. Daring tried to look around the hut as best she could through the window, but Zecora wasn't anywhere to be seen. Then she grew cold as she saw him wearing Zecora's earrings! So she slammed the door open, demanding to know where her marefriend was.

The stallion didn't give a clear answer, just twisting to face her in suprise and then stammering a bunch of Uhhhh-s and Ummm-s. Clearly the appropriate reaction to this was to jump him and make him answer her.


Daring will be very mortified when she finally calms down enough for Zecora to explain that it's just her, having a very bad day after a mishap with a poison-joke potion. She apologized, fetched some ice for Zecora's black eye, and spent the next week trying to make it up to her. This may or may not be how their daughter came into existence.

Don't worry, at the end of the week Zecora managed to make a potion that turned her back. She thought about seeing if the original potion could be useful for other people, but then Daring tried it, (Against Zecora's protests. Daring retorted that she had an antidode ready, so what's the harm?) and turned into a diamond dog. She said she was fine, but felt a sudden urge to eat Zecora's jewelry. It turned out, since the potion was based on poison joke, the effects wouldn't be consistent across different people, and it could therefore be dangerous.

Zecora didn't tell Daring, but since it's effect was consistent on an individual level, she kept a few bottles of the stuff. Just in case they wanted to give Kinyume a sibling.
safe1572757 artist:jackiebloom160 daring do6046 zecora8778 pegasus238779 pony843728 zebra15701 cauldron1027 colored hooves4758 daringcora19 duo49311 female896894 half r63 shipping1660 high res21297 jumping3011 male304704 mare414386 rule 6325152 shipping183663 socks (coat marking)1757 stallion92390 straight121459 zircon65


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