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Sci-Twi Lover
Canterlot High Cafeteria
Rainbow Dash : You know, girls, I'm always imagined if Chestnut Magnifico is really lesbian.
Sunset Shimmer : Oh, I'm also think if Juniper Montage gets attracted by Chestnut's attention…

Canterlot Movie Studio
Juniper Montage : WAIT! Since when you're trying to take me to this film studio again even I'm already banned?! What do you want from me, Chestnut?!

Chestnut Magnifico : Oh, I'm talking about some romance problem, in which, I've heard that you are more interested to girls, don't you? I'm also the same as you too.

Juniper Montage : blushes hard Well shit…
Background Pony #FD92
The disgraced Juniper Montage wants to get back into her uncles goods graces and the only way to do so is to win over her nemesis Chestnut Magnifico to speak up for her.

Chestnut has not not forgotten Junipers misdeeds, deeply enjoys the fact that her little rival is completely depending on her help and gleefully lets her plead and beg for it while eating all the peanut butter praline crunch bars in front of her to rub it in even more.

To humble the little upstart even further and show her who is the real superstar here she makes her her personal servant/assistant, glories in bossing the defeated Juniper around relentlessly and forces her to do demeaning assignments while mocking her without any mercy.

Her powerless victim has never been so embarrassed in her whole life but all she can do is to grudgingly swallow her wounded pride, submit and obey.

When the completely humiliated Juniper finally cannot take the abasements anymore and starts tearing up Chestnut finally has pity on her utterly bested foe and starts reconciling with her through a kiss.

It is the beginning of a wonderful new ship.