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Daring Doo tucked herself deeper into her coat and hat as she walked alongside Zecora through Ponyville's open market. It was filled to the brim with ponies, everyone rushing around in a daze of holiday preparations. More than a few had bumped into them, almost causing Daring's disguise to fall or get dragged off of her. Luckily, Zecora carried little Kinyume in a sling on her chest, keeping her out of the way of the stressed-out crowds. Kinyume didn't really notice anything around her, being too busy trying the eat her own sock.

Daring swore to herself as yet another pony almost knocked her glasses of. She should really try to invest in a better disguise, considering she'd probably spend much more time around other ponies in this town now that Kinyume was born. She was starting to doubt the wisdom of using her own likeness in the books, when she didn't want ponies to know that she was …herself. That may not have been her smartest move.

Urk, at least they'd get away from the crowds soon; they just needed to buy some groceries, and then they could go back to Zecora's hut. She glanced at her marefriend to see how she was holding up, only to find her staring at the stall selling Hearth's Warming trees.

"While I do not often partake pony celebration", she suddenly said, turning to look at Daring. "Do you not wish to honor your county's foundation?"

Daring blinked, a bit suprised at the rhyming; Zecora had long since dropped the formal speech around her, before remebering that they were in the middle of a giant crowd of ponies.

"Oh, uh, I usually just put up a doll and maybe make a bit fancier dinner. I mean, Hearth's Warming was great and all when I was a foal, but it kinda lost it's charm when I grew up."

She shrugged. She didn't mind the holiday, but it usually just made her feel lonely -and Zecora didn't celebrate it, so Daring didn't see the point in going through the trouble of decorating and all that, just for a holiday she didn't care about.

..Though, the time she happend to be trapped with that family in the snowstorm some years back had actually been pretty great -she'd told the foals all the scary holiday stories she knew, the dinner had been loud and fun (even if they'd only had trail rations to eat) and seeing how happy the littlest colt had gotten when she gave him her old hat had just brought back all the fond memories from her foal-hood celebrations. Okay, so maybe she did kinda want to celebrate. But, she still didn't think it'd be much fun since it was just her and Zeco.r..a…..

She turned and looked at her marefriend. Zecora and Kinyume stared back.

"Dearest, are you all right? You look shocked, how- "

Daring interruped her by lifting Kinyume out of the sling, as a grin strated to spread across her muzzle. Zecora only stared as Daring let out light laugh and secured Kinyme againts her chest with one hoof.

"Zecora! Zecora, we have a foal!" she shouted happily, before galloping away though the crowds, leaving Zecora staring after her, dumfounded.

"…you only realize this NOW?!"


And that's the story of why Zecora had to move her cauldron to fit a tree in her main room, and how they ended up owning no less than seventeen different foal-sized Hearth's Warming outfits.

Zecora doesn't mind, since it makes her marefriend so happy and almost giddy. And despite what Daring thought, she had attended several Hearth's Warming celebrations at Twilight's castle before, so she knew how the holiday went and actually liked some aspects of it -the food was nice, some of the decorations were really beautiful, and the general feeling of friendship that seemed to fill everypony warmed her up inside. She just usually didn't celebrate unless invited someplace, since it wasn't really her holiday and she didn't see the point of doing it by herself.

Daring was really excited for the holiday, now that she remembered that she actually had a family to celebrate it with this year. She couldn't wait to introduce Kinyume to the holiday treats, songs, stories and presents. Though, Daring suspects she might be a bit too young to tear the wrapping of herself, but that's okay. She was mainly looking forward to her reaction to all the cool toys Daring had bough her. Yup, this holiday was shaping up to be a great one, in Daring's opinion.

Kinyume isn't quite sure what was going on, but at least her Moms' had put up some kind of food-string, just for her. How nice, that was very considerate of them! Also much tastier than socks.
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