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Sun Burst x Starlight Glimmer (Genderbend!): Is that even possible?! (Hmm.. I haven't thought about their Genderbend Names soo I'll just call them to their org. names) When Star was visitng Sun on the Crystal Empire, Sun thought about a little competition: Sun: Star! Let's have a little competition! Star: What is it?  Sun: What about who can make the best potion ever? Star: I don't know, I'm not very good at brewing potions...  Sun: honestly, *giggles* me too but I really want to test the things I learned about.  Star: Uhm, *thinks* Okay fine... Sun: *smiles sweetly* great!  Star: Let's give each other 3 hours?  Sun: Sound good! *after 3 hours* Sun: Time's up! Star: *breaths heavily* phew! I barely finished mine!  Sun: I excited to see yours! Star: okay, okay come here. *puts it on a little container and hands it over to Sun*  Sun: What does this potion do? Star: I was supposed to make a Flashback potion which creates a vision from the past but I thought about something better, A Invisibility Potio- Sun: *looks at him shook* What!!- Star: -for about 3 minutes *laughs embarrassingly* Sun: It's still amazing! Wow.. I'm impressed. *applause*  Star: *chuckles* Thanks, now let me see yours! Sun: Okay, *pulls out a Glowing Golden Potion*  Star: Whoah, What is it? Sun: It's a immortality potion or invincibility potion... That lasts for 5 minutes.  Star: *stares at Sun his mouth open wide* What?! Is that even possible?! Sun: Well, I believe it is! *giggles*  Star: That's my girl! I mean- Sun: *blushes hard and lets go of the potion*  Star: *caughts the potion by magic and sighs* I meant! Best friend! *laughs embarrassingly turning red* sorry! Sun: *laughs a little still blushing*


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