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Living the Dream.
safe1556330 artist:loserofhope3 starlight glimmer43028 sunburst5672 trixie61199 pony827483 unicorn257981 bisexual4807 female880578 lesbian91330 lesbian in front of boys340 male299343 mare404700 obscure reference56 polyamory6030 shipping181610 stallion90460 starburst987 startrix2529 startrixburst55 straight120179


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Starlight as Tommy Dreamer? Does this mean she'll get into a fight with Luna the Sandmare, get beaten down with a Singapore Cane Riding Crop… only to rise from her bloody heap and spitefully hiss, "Thank you Princess, may I have another?"
Background Pony #82AA
At Sire's Hallow

Open Gates

Automated Voice:Welcome to Dire's Hallow!

Starlight Glimmer:Well Trixie, This is my hometown.

Trixie:I know Starlight, about the stage do something about meet your Dad.

Starlight look at Sunburst

Sunburst Stare at Starlight

Starlight Glimmer:Sunburst!



Starlight Glimmer:Why are you doing here.

Sunburst:I'm here.

Starlight Glimmer:We get it.

Sunburst:I know.