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After the demonic ram Grogar escaped from his imprisonment he returns to the land that was once his to rebuild his empire of darkness and to have his vengeance on the heroic princess of Equestria Twilight Sparkle for defeating him and for imprisoning him for a whole decade. The dark emperor along with his shadow ponies torture her.
Base used:…

Grogar vector by AndoAnimalia
Dark shadow ponies by PrincessDevin302
Grogar and Twilight belong to Mlp
semi-grimdark27566 artist:swiftgaiathebrony62 grogar1192 twilight sparkle279719 alicorn190813 abuse6224 bad end1950 broken horn12563 chains4333 crying39489 dark4129 dark magic2291 darkness599 evil2527 fake1083 faker than a three dollar bill218 horn40385 injured3065 injured wing96 magic64472 pain1515 revenge735 shadow3488 torment7 torture738 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113679 twilybuse464 wings71835


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10 comments posted

Pretty dark huh? Fitting for the Emperor of darkness. Also I think the shadow ponies were a good addition to the pic as I believe Grogar created the pony of shadows and though it be cool for him to have other minions than just Tirek and Chrysalis.
Background Pony #1085
discord could do a lot of things but he never hurt his friend like that…so it is the real one
Background Pony #A60A
and then grogar tasted the taste of a princess

and since that day twilight sparkle was never herself