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# Sung to the tunes of ”Children of the night.”

Pod ponies.

And so cosmos spread her spores of chaos to the world.

It was time to do away with the weakness of evolution and bring in the new age of intelligent chaotic design.

Her spores would take root in the life of old world. And be nurtured by the magic and life essence that it held in greedy plenty.

And what better fertilizer than the verminous dung of the pony race?

The ones that had in their arrogance thought themselves the masters of this world would find their existence to be nothing more then the fuel for a new species.

These vile creatures, that had once imprisoned her in the stars — They would not even be transformed, For they did not deserve to share in the glory of cosmic life. They existed simply as walking hatching pods. So far down on the evoluionary ladder that they did not even count among the cosmic plan, other then as a conduit between the world and its true masters.

The cosmic spores would infect them as surely as a seed fertilises an egg. Every last bit of their essence would be drained. Their innate magic and connection to nature would be harvested by the spores.

And everyone infected would become a walking bio container. As the spores eroded their pointless sentience and filled the pods with a final glorious purpose, to infect as manny other living creatures as possible. The pod ponies would do this, by producing spores of their own. This way, her children would spread to all corners of the world, faster than she could breed them.

Soon — her children would spread across the world like a glorious plague.

Every creature would soon be infected with the glory of the cosmic spores. And the old echo system would cast away its chains of rules of nature, balance and and circle into oblivion as it gave way to glorious new chaos.

Yet cosmos would not rob the pod ponies of their minds. She enjoyed seeing them fend in their futile struggles for survival, as their society collapsed and remnants piled into increasingly dwindling shelters. Trying fruitlessly try to fight against the spores. Denying that this had always been their species destiny.

Such a game would bring her children nothing but joy and entertainment as they, even in their half formed states, learned how to overcome the defences of their febrile pod pony husks.

That she would even let life spring from such vile source only proved what a good goddess she was.
semi-grimdark27998 artist:grimmyweirdy124 cosmos (character)355 discord28670 fluttershy197626 draconequus8989 comic:cosmic cosmos50 beard3218 body horror1172 cosmageddon70 draconequified317 eldritch abomination737 facial hair4974 fetish34932 flower22096 flutterequus90 fusion4409 infected73 infection27 mutation151 nightmare fuel3490 popping238 singing5810 species swap18292 spores14 story included7739 transformation9758 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2242


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