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safe1554862 edit114509 edited screencap53936 screencap195105 storm king1079 tempest shadow15087 twilight sparkle279717 alicorn190804 pony826046 unicorn257127 yeti247 my little pony: the movie17528 antagonist1317 armor21277 balcony1262 canterlot castle1718 caption17914 crown13467 darth sidious43 emperor palpatine105 evil grin3733 fangs21545 female878926 grin32168 horns4563 image macro35229 impact font1293 jewelry48977 lightning2775 magic64469 male298891 mare403926 meme77885 quote1164 reference3674 regalia15683 smiling209685 staff2698 staff of sacanas353 star wars2944 star wars: the rise of skywalker11 storm king's emblem98 text49772 the emperor20 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113679 unlimited power27


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