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As I don my officer cap, I look at myself in the mirror and couldn’t feel happier about where I am in the world. The beautiful craftsponyship that went into each stitch spoke to me in a way I never expected. The Enclave had always dressed us up and paraded us around as the best of the best, but never in a way that meant anything to me.
They called us the saviors of the pegasus race and the elite protectors of our society. Mission after mission to the surface was a drain on the mind, body, and soul. Each pulse of heat from my old plasma pistol always took a little piece of me with it. I wanted to do the right thing, but I couldn’t help seeing the faces of my subordinates in every pony I killed. I would come back to base and receive praise before getting drowned in paperwork. This job was not nearly as fulfilling as they had always told us. But I was required to keep the facade and act like I enjoyed it.
Even after the raptors docked and everypony retreated to their quarters, I still never felt like myself. Mom had always forced me into the tomcolt role. Be tough like the colts and I’ll be the best leader this side of Neighvarro. I hated it. I just wanted to be a mare. I wanted to feel pretty. But the Enclave, my mom, and even past coltfriends all frowned upon it whenever I wanted to express that side of me. It wasn’t like a prestigious officer to wear stockings and put bows in her mane. Such a controlling environment. I could only ever be myself in the privacy of my needlessly gargantuan and lonely quarters.
My mind coming back together, I steer my gaze down towards the breast of my jacket and pop open a couple of buttons to let the fur on my chest breathe. I pull my ponytail through the back of my cap and tie a big pink bow around the base. I stand up on my hind legs and pull the silky soft stockings up to my cutie marks. No longer will the Enclave keep my true self suppressed. This is my time to shine.
My ears perk up as the loudspeakers announce my arrival. My smile grew wider and wider as the announcer introduced me as the beautiful and elegant Midnight Gambit! I part the velvet curtains and flutter my way out onto the stage, being met with thunderous applause from the audience. Pure sunlight beamed in through the skylights of the glamorous New Pegasus auditorium, illuminating all the ponies that have come to see me be myself. No more clouds. No more Enclave. My old life is dead and gone…
… and I couldn’t be any happier.
safe1902351 artist:ponynamedmixtape212 oc800052 oc only591781 oc:midnight gambit6 pegasus375230 fallout equestria19722 bipedal41876 clothes534364 enclave533 fanfic in the description202 female1539273 garters3163 grand pegasus enclave316 hat102854 stockings39688 thigh highs45412 traditional art127758 uniform12738


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