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I can stop drawing them!

Lol since I'm here, heeereees some more notes on their relationship

As mentioned in the lost treasure of griffon stone, after rainbow dash's friendship task had been finished, Gilda and Rainbow Dash still continued to keep in touch with each other via writing letters and various visitations.

Turns out after RD had left Gilda had, more or less, become the self-pointed mayor dedicated to rebuilding Griffonstone and all her passions of being a epic flyer were shelved for her greater purpose.. Therefore the subject of her letters would often be anything and everything about rebuilding griffonstone. From forming a committee, rebuilding home huts and settling disputes. Rainbow Dash would offer any and all advice on how to practically rebuild griffonstone, on the principles of friendship of course. And she would often visit the community (with the other mane six ofcourse) to help further build up griffonstone back to a functioning city.


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