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safe1615157 screencap210738 doctor whooves10409 golden crust130 linky1420 princess celestia91160 princess luna95483 shoeshine1535 time turner10405 twilight sparkle288241 alicorn205960 earth pony215770 pony882849 unicorn285041 the summer sun setback1050 announcement168 crowd933 crown15138 ethereal mane6974 ethereal tail299 female1285761 festival of the two sisters4 flowing mane1063 flowing tail200 folded wings5077 glowing horn17699 grin34609 hoof shoes4542 horn51974 jewelry55249 levitation11141 magic68413 magic aura3331 male343666 mare439287 microphone4657 multicolored mane1339 multicolored tail1045 open mouth129805 pointing3770 raised hoof40707 regalia17687 royal sisters4059 siblings7110 sisters7895 smiling224420 speakers682 speech3065 stage2867 stallion97769 sunrise1042 surprised8435 telekinesis25625 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118351 wide eyes16349


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