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Saw these three images together while browsing on my phone. It just came together too perfectly.
safe1557302 artist:dwk180 edit114806 edited screencap54091 screencap195413 queen chrysalis31936 twilight sparkle280079 alicorn191396 changeling39169 changeling queen11255 pony828436 derpibooru6780 totally legit recap280 the cutie re-mark3002 the mean 61548 to where and back again2496 ableism39 angry23515 autism140 autism speaks15 book30193 brave (browser)1 caption17975 chad81 changeling hive527 computer5499 discovery family logo11358 discussion in the comments680 eugenicist1 faic11231 female881515 forked tongue881 hate group1 hissing367 image macro35283 incel14 juxtaposition4729 mare405247 meme77983 meta15898 politics in the comments131 rage1332 rant91 reaction image9159 solo960615 speech3150 text49947 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113885 vulgar19419 youtube link4525


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