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"A Disaster"

Whoa, a disaster in Canterlot Mall. So, there's a bomb in Canterlot Mall, everyone is panic and run into main door. But, it's too late for Twilight. Now, she's trying to find the way out, the main door is blocked by ruins of buildings. She doesn't want to fly through window glass because it will hurt her. How about teleport? Maybe she's forgot… She's really not forgot. But, she didn't know how to teleport. What happened to her right eye? Oh, she uses Night Vision ability. Just like Jougan Boruto eye… I mean the eye, not ability.

Character base by Hasbro
safe1557907 artist:aryatheeditor170 sci-twi21765 twilight sparkle280122 equestria girls177713 blue eyes3716 clothes402249 daily life30 dark4134 digital art11048 disaster43 geode of telekinesis2354 glass3956 glasses54012 glowing eyes9580 injured3071 injured wing96 magical geodes6534 mall227 ponied up4694 pony ears1260 powerful sparkle41 sleeveless3009 solo961284 straight hair184 torn clothes4235 wings72502 worried3346


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