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These gals took a while to finish but hope you likey~
Also I called them spawns just for fun. I based most of Esthers characteristics of Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba)

Parents: Fluttershy and Discord

Extra Facts:
-Else is the eldest mane six child.
-Both Else and Esther are in-tune with nature, but Esther is more on the flora side and Else is more on the fauna side.
-Else can mimic animal sounds to a T
-When Esther gets overwhelmed with emotions (especially love) plants start to sprout and grow around her rapidly.
-Esther is quite nervous and shy for someone so lively.
-Else is very talented in shape shifting whilst Esther is great at making things grow. (Mostly nature related things)
-Esther loves to float while Else prefers to walk.
-Esther will come crying to Else when shes frustrated, Else will stroke her sisters hair and make animal sounds until Esther has calmed down.
-Fluttershy is always worries about Else’s wear about since she goes out at night a lot. But Discord is confident that his daughter is fine.
-Animals would drop things like fruits or treasures near Fluttershy’s cottage, Else’s usually the one that picks the things up. Fluttershy’s trying to get use to it, but seeing a honey bear at five in the morning dropping a bush of berries near your garden can be startling.
-Else goes to midnight school while Esther goes to normal school.
-Eventho it doesn’t seem like it, the Chaos family is actually pretty close. They never miss family dinners and game night!
-Esther loves her older sister and wishes that she could introduce her to her friends more often.
-Else will make sure nothing destroys Esther’s precious garden (She REALLY loves her plants :’ (( ), you trample one of her flowers you’ll break a rib.

These two were a bit hard to come up with. But let’s hope I have more solid stories to tell about the chaos fam : )
Eventho I’m retconning most of my nextgen I still have some I want to keep.
So you might see some familiars


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