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Them’s Fightin’ Herds wallpaper from the Mane6 media webpage.
Note: Not a dupe of >>2338882, this version is slightly different and of higher quality.
safe1754407 alternate version50104 artist:alts-art159 artist:mane6145 arizona (tfh)1200 fhtng th§ ¿nsp§kbl322 oleander (tfh)1207 paprika (tfh)991 pom (tfh)728 tianhuo (tfh)643 velvet (tfh)1402 alpaca1048 classical unicorn4233 cow3455 deer6083 dog9905 dragon58844 hybrid20642 lamb540 longma655 reindeer2079 sheep1610 unicorn343829 winter sprite48 them's fightin' herds4808 action pose1199 antlers2184 apple16802 bandana5529 basket3224 bell4613 bell collar2394 blue eyes5764 book34626 bouquet1025 bouquet of flowers47 bovine76 broccoli96 chest fluff41400 cinnamon bun179 cloven hooves10632 collar34646 colored hooves6409 community related4385 curved horn7207 dark magic2766 desktop background90 electricity753 eyes open497 female1405159 fightin' six151 fire11789 flower26778 food73180 fred136 grass10182 green eyes4677 grin41183 group3574 handkerchief491 heart50186 high quality39 high res33160 hill914 horn78239 horns6379 in air26 lasso1292 leonine tail9224 logo3782 magic75559 mane of fire1432 mare503783 neck fluff847 no pupils4211 one eye closed32671 open mouth155194 paws5062 picnic basket570 plant2189 potted plant525 puppy621 purple eyes2634 raised hoof48568 red eyes6574 rock4611 rope11871 skull3125 slit pupils5109 smiling262254 stance57 stars16341 tail of fire93 teeth10554 unicornomicon149 unshorn fetlocks27356 wallpaper18873


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